Shandong Gazelle Enterprise

Qingdao Kingdom obtained the qualification of “Shandong Gazelle Enterprise” on January 1, 2021.
Gazelle is a kind of antelope that is good at jumping and running. People call high-growth companies “gazelle companies” because they have the same characteristics as gazelles – small size, fast running, and high jumping.

The scope of certification is mainly that the industrial field conforms to the development direction of the national and provincial strategic emerging industries, covering emerging industries, new generation information technology, biological health, artificial intelligence, financial technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, consumption upgrading and other fields. These companies can not only easily exceed one, ten, one hundred, one thousand times the annual growth rate, but also quickly achieve IPO. The greater the number of gazelle companies in a region, the stronger the innovation vitality and the faster the development speed of the region.

Gazelle enterprises have fast growth rate, strong innovation ability, new professional fields, great development potential, talent-intensive, technology-intensive and other characteristics. The key to achieving high-quality development.

According to the relevant person in charge of the district, once recognized, the “Gazelle Enterprise” can obtain a one-time interest-free working capital of 500,000 RMB to 2 million RMB for the district’s science and technology guidance, and the project can also give priority to those who apply for national, provincial and municipal related projects. financial support.
In addition, “Gazelle Enterprise” can also obtain the support of the ” High-tech Zone Risk Compensation Fund”, enter the convenient loan approval channel of the Technology Bank, and obtain loans; it can also obtain the support of the High-tech Zone Hi-tech Development Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Venture Capital Fund; also You can get guidance on corporate listing and enjoy the subsidy policy for corporate listing.

In addition, “Gazelle Enterprise” can enjoy the special fund support of “5211 Talent Program” of High-tech Zone. The district allocates some special funds every year to hire 1-2 professional consulting institutions or well-known experts and scholars at home and abroad, venture capitalists and successful entrepreneurs to regularly provide problem diagnosis and management consulting services for “Gazelle Enterprises”, so as to improve the enterprise management level.

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Post time: Jan-29-2022