Work Safety Standardization Certification

Qingdao Kingdom obtained the Work Safety Standardization Certification on Dec 25, 2020.

Safety standardization refers to establishing a safety production responsibility system, formulating safety management systems and operating procedures, investigating and controlling hidden dangers and monitoring major sources of danger, establishing preventive mechanisms, standardizing production behaviors, and making all production links comply with relevant safety production laws, regulations and standards. Standard requirements, people (personnel), machine (machinery), material (material), method (construction method), environment (environment), measurement (measurement) are in a good production state, and continuous improvement, and constantly strengthen the standardization construction of enterprise safety production .
The standardization of safety production reflects the policy of “safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management” and the scientific development concept of “people-oriented”, emphasizing the standardization, scientific, systematic and legalization of enterprise safety production, strengthening risk management and process Control, focus on performance management and continuous improvement, conform to the basic laws of safety management, represent the development direction of modern safety management, and organically combine advanced safety management ideas with my country’s traditional safety management methods and the specific reality of enterprises, effectively improving the safety production level of enterprises , so as to promote the fundamental improvement of my country’s production safety situation.
Safety production standardization mainly includes eight aspects: target responsibilities, institutionalized management, education and training, on-site management, safety risk management and control and hidden danger investigation and governance, emergency management, accident management, and continuous improvement.

Assessment procedure
1. The enterprise establishes a self-assessment agency, conducts self-assessment according to the requirements of the assessment standards, and forms a self-assessment report. Enterprise self-assessment can invite professional technical service agencies to provide support.
Based on the results of the self-assessment, the enterprise shall submit a written assessment application after being approved by the corresponding safety production supervision and management department (hereinafter referred to as the safety supervision department).
Those who apply for the first-level enterprise of safety production standardization shall, after obtaining the approval of the local provincial safety supervision department, submit an application to the first-level enterprise review organization unit; those who apply for the second-level enterprise of safety production standardization shall, after obtaining the approval of the local municipal safety supervision department, submit an application to the place where they are located. The provincial safety supervision department or the second-level enterprise evaluation organization unit submits an application; if applying for a third-level enterprise of safety production standardization, with the approval of the local county-level safety supervision department, it will be submitted to the local municipal-level safety supervision department or the third-level enterprise evaluation organization.
If the application requirements are met, the relevant evaluation unit will be notified to organize the evaluation; if the application requirements are not met, the applicant company will be notified in writing and the reasons should be explained. If the application is accepted by the evaluation organization unit, the evaluation organization unit shall conduct a preliminary review of the application, and shall notify the relevant evaluation organization to organize the evaluation only after the approval of the safety supervision department that submitted the review announcement.

2. After the evaluation unit receives the evaluation notice, it shall conduct the evaluation in accordance with the requirements of the relevant evaluation standards. After the review is completed, after the preliminary review by the application accepting unit, the review report that meets the requirements will be submitted to the safety supervision department of the audit announcement; for the review report that does not meet the requirements, the review unit will be notified in writing and explain the reasons.
If the review result does not reach the enterprise application level, with the approval of the applicant enterprise, it will be re-examined after rectification within a time limit; or according to the actual level achieved in the review, according to the provisions of these Measures, apply to the corresponding safety supervision department for review.

3. For the enterprises that have been announced, the safety supervision department or the designated review organization will issue the corresponding level of safety production standardization certificate and plaque. Certificates and plaques are uniformly supervised and numbered by the General Administration.
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Post time: Jan-29-2022