FT70 – Multigym

Model FT70
Dimensions  (LxWxH) 2205X1185X240mm
Item Weight 277kgs
Item Package (LxWxH) Box 1: 1500X1110X365mm
Box 2: 1890X400X215mm
Box 3: 1430X700X315mm
Box 4:1890X425X280mm
Box 5: 630X435X180mm
Package Weight Box 1: 97.6kgs
Box 2: 76.9kgs
Box 3: 56.9kgs
Box 4: 55.5kgs
Box 5: 15.5kgs
Weight Stack 2X160lbs

Product Detail

Product Tags

  • Space-saving design requires minimal space.
  • Dual adjustable pulleys station with quick trigger style adjustments.
  • Smith station with light starting weight, tilted weight horns andsimple adjustable safety stoppers.
  • Smith bar with both olympic plates and weight stacks resistance.
  • Adjustable dual lat pulldown arms offers varying lat exercise.
  • Dual lower row pulleys station with adjustable foot positions offers varying row exericise.
  • Half rack station with molded nylon hooks and safety spotters.
  • Fixed chinup bar with multigrip positions.
  • Clear exercise chart showing proper form and exercises.
  • Accessory storage, barbell holders and weight plate horns.
  • Landmine, band pegs and battle rope kits.
  • Standard 2 x 160lbs weight stack, adding 2 x 50lbs totalweight to create a Super Stack.

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