OMB51 – Multi Press & Squat Rack

Model OMB51
Dimensions  (LxWxH) 3837X1040X2113mm
Item Weight 172kgs
Item Package (LxWxH) Box1: 1800x1350x220mm
Box2: 675x420x145mm
Box3: 750x390x225mm
Box4: 1350x435x475mm
Package Weight 190kgs

Product Detail

Product Tags

  • Molded nylon guards protect Olympic bars from damage, reducenoise and provide rest for safety spotters.
  • Flat, incline and shoulder press all can be performed with simpleadjustments while you seated.
  • Seat automatically moved into proper position when back pad isadjusted from 0 degrees to 72 degrees.
  • 15 linear back-forth adjustments to accommodate varying users.
  • Bench could be pushed inside the machine and performed assquat rack.
  • Safety spotters can be positioned at optimum height.
  • Open frame design with elevated platform for effective and safe spotting.
  • Barbell, safety spotter and weight plate storage.
  • Landmine, band pegs and battle rope kits.

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