FTS70 – Functional Trainer

Model FTS70
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1360X1005X1788mm
Item Weight 378kgs
Item Package (LxWxH) Box 1: 1510X480X220mm
Box 2: 1760X1025X345mm
Package Weight Box1:114kgs
Weight Stack 2X210lbs



Product Detail

Product Tags

  • Compact design requires minimal space.
  • 360 degrees rotating swivel pulleys.
  • Open frame design.
  • Weight balanced pivot arm enable smooth and safevertical adjustments.
  • Pivot arm offers 130°(14 positions) of high-to-low vertical and 105°(8 positions) of side-to-side horizontal adjustments.
  • Quick change horizontal arm adjustments.
  • 1/4 ratio delivers 2.5 lb resistance increments.
  • 100 inches of extended cable travel.
  • Long handle grips for support and stability.
  • Clear exercise chart demonstrating exercises with proper formAccessory holders and hooks.
  • Standard 2 x 210lbs weight stack, adding 2 x 50lbs totalweight to create a Super Stack.

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