OPT15 – Olympic Plate Tree / Bumper Plate Rack

Model CB65
Dimensions  (LxWxH) 1415X836X781/1142mm
Item Weight 38.5kgs
Item Package  (LxWxH) 1295X580X195mm
Package Weight 42kgs

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  • Fully Adjustable with (8) Different Angles,Incredibly effective in isolating the entire abdominal region
  • Incline/flat/decline angles available, which perfect for different level of exercise
  • Rear Transport Wheels
  • Wide Profile
  • Convenient Assist Handle
  • Chromed and large foam end caps for a better looking
  • Large rubber foot step on the stabilizer for easier assist


  • We recommend that you seek professional advice to ensure safety before using
  • Do not exceed maximum weight capacity of the Crunch bench
  • Always ensure the Crunch bench is on a flat surface before use


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