GHT15 – Glute Thruster

Model GHT15
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1458X875X402mm
Item Weight 44kgs
Item Package  (LxWxH) Box 1:1705X400X175mm
Box 2:665X645X105mm
Package Weight 49kgs


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This machine allows users much more efficiency than with standard equipment which does not typically allow you to get in to the optimal position. Hip thruster offering a wide selection of exercise variations, and come up with 6 pairs of band pegs.

A more minimalist approach on the standard hip thrust but with all the benefits.
Designed to develop your training and assist in glute development, while also activating your hamstrings, quadriceps & adductors.
Available in a sleek Matte Black finish, with added band pegs, perfect for utilizing the Resistance Bands.
With a supportive back pad and a static positioning designed to give comfort at the optimal height for the best rep.
We’ve also added wheels to the latest version of our space-saving Hip Thrust Bench so it can easily be moved and stored when not in use to optimise your gym space.


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